Journal of Language Relationship no. 13/3-4 - 2015
PDF Frontmatter - p. i-x
PDFChacon, Thiago Costa; List, Johann-Mattis Improved computational models of sound change shed light on the history of the Tukanoan languages - p. 177-204
PDFGruntov, Ilya; Mazo, Olga Lexicostatistical classification of the Mongolic languages [In Russian] - p. 205-255
PDFMikhailova, Tatyana Celtic origin: location in time and space? Reconsidering the “East-West Celtic” debate - p. 257-279
PDFZhivlov, Mikhail; Zhivlova, Nina [Reports] The precursors of Proto-Indo-European: The Indo-Hittite and Indo-Uralic hypotheses, Лейден, Leiden University, 9—11 июля 2015 г. [In Russian] - p. 281-288
PDFNikolaev, Sergei Toward the reconstruction of Proto-Algonquian-Wakashan. Part 2: Algonquian-Wakashan sound correspondences - p. 289-328
PDFValerio, Miguel Linear A du-pu2-re, Hittite tabarna and their alleged relatives revisited - p. 329-354
PDFKogan, Anton Dardic languages and lexicostatistics (the 50item wordlist approach) [In Russian] - p. 355-370
PDFSaenko, Mikhail History of the Dalmatian and Balkan Romance languages from the lexicostatistical point of view [In Russian] - p. 371-382
PDFStarostin, George [Review] William H. Baxter, Laurent Sagart: Old Chinese. A New Reconstruction, 2014. - p. 383-389
PDFVarbot, Zhanna [Review] Ranko Matasović. Slavic Nominal Word-Formation. Proto-Indo-European Origins and Historical Development, 2014 [In Russian] - p. 390-393