Journal of Language Relationship no. 18/3-4 - 2020
PDF Frontmatter - p. i-xii
PDFEgorov, Ilya Basic vocabulary of closely related languages in contact: case study of Turkic languages on the Crimean Peninsula - p. 170-198
PDFMilitarev, Alexander; Nikolaev, Sergei Proto-Afrasian names of ungulates in light of the Proto-Afrasian homeland issue - p. 199-226
PDFTrofimov, Artem An attempt at an annotated Swadesh wordlist for Vedic Sanskrit [In Russian] - p. 227-248
PDFAnikin, Alexander; Mullonen, Irma [Review] S. A. Myznikov. An Etymological Dictionary of Russian Dialects. Lexicon of Contact Areas. Moscow / Saint-Petersburg: Nestor-Istorija, 2019. [In Russian] - p. 249-260
PDFKogan, Anton Notes on the historical phonology of Indo-Iranian loanwords in Northwestern Tibetan dialects - p. 261-275
PDFShatskov, Andrey Hittite causative markers in a diachronic Anatolian perspective - p. 276-283
PDFNikulin, Andrey; Andrade, Rafael The rise and fall of approximants in the Tuparian languages - p. 284-319
PDFVasilyev, Mikhail; Saenko, Mikhail An analysis of the topology and estimation of accuracy for lexicostatistical classifications (on the data of Slavic languages) [In Russian] - p. 320-347