Journal of Language Relationship no. 21/1-2 - 2023
PDF Frontmatter - p. i-xiv
PDFNikulin, Andrey Lexical evidence for the Macro-Jê–Tupian hypothesis - p. 3-56
PDFZhivlov, Mikhail Studies in Yukaghir etymology II - p. 57-68
PDFMilitarev, Alexander Hadza as Afrasian? - p. 71-90
PDFSands, Bonny; Harvey, Andrew; Mous, Maarten Why Hadza is (probably) not Afroasiatic: a discussion of Militarev’s “Hadza as Afrasian?” - p. 91-109
PDFStarostin, George How we could show that Hadza is Afroasiatic: a response to Militarev’s “Hadza as Afrasian?” - p. 110-116
PDFLorentz, Marina Classification of Eastern Min dialects and reconstruction of the 100-item wordlist for Proto-Eastern Min [In Russian] - p. 117-155