Journal of Language Relationship no. 20/3-4 - 2022
PDF Frontmatter - p. i-x
PDFItkin, Ilya B. On Tocharian A cognates of the Tocharian B words meaning ‘spleen’ and ‘liver’ - p. 177-180
PDFKogan, Anton On the etymological attribution of certain non-Tibetan lexical elements in medieval Tibetan texts - p. 181-190
PDFYakubovich, Ilya The Place of Lydian in the Anatolian Family through the Lens of Recent Research - p. 191-221
PDFTrofimov, Artem The accent in Parachi and Ormuri compared to Pashto and its significance for the reconstruction of Proto-Iranian [In Russian] - p. 222-252
PDFMikhailova, Tatyana ‘Thief’ and ‘Theft’ in Goidelic: a semantic reconstruction [In Russian] - p. 253-267
PDFMolina, Maria On the reconstruction of the lexical terms for emotions on the Proto-Anatolian and Proto-Indo-European levels [In Russian] - p. 268-279
PDFKholkina, Liliya; Nanij, Lyudmila; Qiang, Si The semantic field SHARP in Chinese, its diachronic development and reflexes in modern dialects [In Russian] - p. 280-298