Journal of Language Relationship no. 18/1-2 - 2020
PDF Frontmatter - p. i-x
PDFGörke, Susanne Heterogramme in hurritischen Texten aus Boğazköy und Nordsyrien [In German] - p. 1-12
PDFOreshko, Rostislav Ethnic Groups and Language Contact in Lycia (I): the "Maritime Interface" - p. 13-40
PDFPrósper, Blanca María The Sabellic accusative plural endings and the outcome of the Indo-European sibilants in Italic - p. 41-79
PDFKocharov, Petr [Review] Alwin Kloekhorst and Tijmen Pronk (eds.). The Precursors of Proto-Indo-European: The Indo-Anatolian and Indo-Uralic Hypotheses, 2019 - p. 80-86
PDFCarvalho, Fernando O. de Evaluation of cognation judgments undermines computational phylogeny of the Arawakan language family - p. 87-110
PDFStarostin, George Lexicostatistical Studies in East Sudanic II: The Case of Nyimang - p. 111-125
PDFLorentz, Marina Analysis of Min basic lexicon and reconstruction of the Swadesh wordlist for Proto-Min [In Russian] - p. 126-169