Journal of Language Relationship no. 16/1-2 - 2018
PDF Frontmatter - p. i-x
PDFOrlandi, Giorgio Evaluating the Sino-Tibeto-Austronesian Hypothesis - p. 1-18
PDFStarostin, George Lexicostatistical Studies in Khoisan I: The Ju-ǂHoan Relationship - p. 19-61
PDFOslon, Mikhail The reflexes of South Slavic *r in borrowings from Old Romanian into Romani [In Russian] - p. 62-72
PDFKogan, Anton Reply to the paper by A. S. Krylova "Lexicostatistics and the New Indo-Aryan languages: a field linguist perspective" [In Russian] - p. 73-78
PDFCarvalho, Fernando O. de Terena (Arawakan) -eúko ‘uncle’ and -ôko ‘aunt’: etymology and a kinship terminology puzzle - p. 79-92
PDFOreshko, Rostislav Anatolian linguistic influences in Early Greek (1500–800 BC)? Critical observations against sociolinguistic and areal background - p. 93-118
PDFLolua, Roman Towards specifying the phonological system of the language of the Caucasian Albanian palimpsests [In Russian] - p. 119-137
PDFZhivlov, Mikhail Some morphological parallels between Hokan languages - p. 138-161
PDFBurlak, Svetlana [Review] Václav Blažek, Michal Schwarz. Raní Indoevropané v Centrální Asii a Číně: Kulturní vztahy v zrcadle jazyka. Praha: Nakladatelství Lidové noviny, 2017. - p. 162-167