Suspended affixation with Tocharian adjectival suffix A -ṣi / B -ṣṣe and its possible parallel in Old Uighur
Anna Kuritsyna (Высшая школа экономики, Москва;
Journal of Language Relationship, № 16/3-4, 2018 - p.265-276
In this paper, I discuss a hitherto undescribed property of the Tocharian adjectival suffixes (most commonly A -ṣi / B -ṣṣe, more rarely also -tstse and -ññe) to be shared by conjuncts. I will attempt to prove that such constructions are based on coordinated nouns and not on dvandva-type compounds, and compare Tocharian data with the situation in the areally close Old Uighur. If my assumption is correct, suspended affixation is possible not only with inflectional morphemes of secondary cases, but also with derivational ones, although the latter phenomenon is less widely spread in Tocharian.
Keywords: group derivation, suspended affixation, Tocharian adjectival suffixes, Old Uighur language, areal contacts