Some notes on Euskaro-Caucasian phonology
John Bengtson (Association for the Study of Language in Prehistory;
Journal of Language Relationship, № 16/3-4, 2018 - p.247-264
Abstract: This paper explores a few features of the proposed reconstruction of Euskaro-Caucasian, the putative ancestor of Basque and the North Caucasian languages, as put forth in a recent monograph. Here some features of the consonantal system are discussed, namely (I) the development of proto-Euskaro-Caucasian *m in Basque, (II) the non-initial Basque reflexes of Euskaro-Caucasian laryngeals, and (III) the Basque noun stem allomorphs involving an alternation between /rc/ and /śt/. It is shown how these details of Euskaro-Caucasian comparative phonology illuminate important unsolved problems of historical phonology on both the Basque and North Caucasian sides.
Keywords: Basque language, North Caucasian languages, comparative linguistics, Euskaro-Caucasian language family, Proto-Euskaro-Caucasian, labial nasals, laryngeals